【Only Sir - Sho Gong Ja 소공자】 Vol.2 - The 3D Mind that changes the world

Until now, much of Earth’s civilization has been the product of humans’ self-

consciousness, rather than their souls.

However, after our population understands and learns how to use our souls,

our civilization will take a giant leap from something Earthly, to something more Universal.

This giant leap will celebrate the creation of the Civilization of the Universe, where civilization is less of a product of self-consciousness, but more of our souls.

In other words, during the time of the Universe’s civilization, our Qui-gam will be relied on more heavily than the work of our conscious thoughts.

To recap the important points of this lecture, our mind consists of the self-consciousness that attains information from the world, and the soul that shapes the world according to will. The self-consciousness can only excessively think and worry about all the possible situations and consequences,

however, the soul is capable of actually carrying out the actions to fulfill the goals and dreams.

This capacity of the soul to “shape the world” is called the 3D mind,

and the energy behind it is called the astral body.

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